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Whipsnade, Dunstable LU6 2LF
Target age: Lots there for all ages
Posted by Rebecca Chamberlain

Only about 30 mins away from MK, near Dunstable, Whipsnade Zoo (twinned with London Zoo) offers so much to see and do, and so much to learn about all of the wonderful animals who live there.

It’s nicely laid out by Continent, so you can explore wildlife from all around the world and learn all sorts lots of interesting facts on the well-presented information boards – lots of which are interactive, and very kid-friendly.

As well as the many spacious enclosures which you can wander between at your leisure, there are animal shows and talks which give you even more opportunity to see them in action; a kids’ farm / pet corner and play areas; buses which take you from stop to stop around the park; and a train which circles the excitement of the Asia section’s elephants, tigers and more (there’s an additional charge for this). Little deer and birds roam around freely too, and there is so much to look out for, all over the park.

How long did it take?

You can easily spend all day here. It’s over a big area, so there is a lot of walking. Between the dozens of different animals to see, the live shows, the kids’ area and the bus and train tours, you can see the attraction of a season pass!

Our Whipsnade highlights

  • The Butterfly House – a fantastic experience which surrounds you with hundreds of beautiful butterflies
  • The elephants, including the “how to clean an elephant’s foot” information board and model
  • The bathing and basking pygmy hippos
  • Beautiful pink flamingoes
  • The giraffes and the amazing ramp viewing area there, which takes you to their eye level
  • The Sea Lion Splash show – a must-see! (no extra charge – this is the case for all of the shows)

Food and Facilities

There are modern and clean toilets and restaurant areas dotted all around the park, so you should be able to plan your refreshment stops with no problems. There’s a range of food options available, from restaurants to ice cream kiosks. There are also picnic benches everywhere, in both sunny and shady spots.

There’s plenty of free parking, and the whole park is thoughtfully accessible for buggies and wheelchairs.


It’s not a cheap day out, but cheaper if you get tickets online in advance, especially if you’re planning to take the family option:

**Prices correct for 10 February – 28 October 2018, and include a voluntary 10% donation**  Online price (£) Gate Price (£)
Adult 22.90 28.00
Child (3-15) 16.60 20.35
Child under 3 FREE FREE
Concessions 20.65 25.20
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children, OR 1 adult and 3 children) 70.50 N/A


Whipsnade is at the pricier end of days out, but our time there was excellent all round, and has given us a lot of memories. We went with a school party, and there was so much more still to do by the time we had to leave. The children loved it and will be talking about it for a while. We’re looking forward to returning as a family in the holidays, and taking a more leisurely stroll around!

*Prices are subject to change – check the website for up to date information:

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We went as part of a visiting school party, and we have not been asked to provide this review.

 Reviewed by Rebecca Chamberlain

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