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Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Aylesbury HP18 0JH
Target age: Great for all ages - the inside of the house is better for older children
Posted by Rebecca Chamberlain

Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury (National Trust)

Waddesdon Manor is a National Trust property about 30 minutes’ drive from Milton Keynes. The stunning manor house was designed in the style of a French chateau, to house the massive art and curio collection of its owner. The gardens are equally beautiful, and there are acres to explore with older kids, and plenty of buggy-friendly paths to take with the little ones.

The car park is near the entrance to the estate, and after sorting out entry and tickets, it’s a short bus ride to the fountain at the top end of the manor house area. Buses arrive and depart frequently, and also pick up and drop off at the stables buildings, which house the restaurant and kiosk facilities.

At 4 and 2, our kids were a bit too young to appreciate what they saw in the house, but if you have older and more tolerant children, there is plenty to see and admire. I am looking forward to viewing it one day at a more leisurely pace. There is a children’s house trail to follow, and children’s tours of the house in school holidays.

The grounds are huge, beautiful, and full of winding paths and stunning flowerbeds.

How long did it take?

The grounds open at 10am, and you can easily fill a day at Waddesdon, especially if there are special events (such as the Easter Egg Hunt or Halloween trail). There are several different walks to do, the aviary to visit (which houses and cares for some very lovely and exotic birds), and a very attractive adventure playground, set on different levels of a woodland walkway.

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* We visited using our National Trust membership, and we have not been asked to provide this review.

Reviewed by Rebecca Chamberlain

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