Introducing Elevenology: Tutoring for the 11 Plus Exam

Posted by Rebecca Chamberlain

2018 was a fantastic year for our students and teachers and we are looking forward to another successful year.  Our pass rate for the 11+ exam in 2018 was 90% – the highest in the MK area and all down to the hard work of our students and their dedicated teachers.

So, who are we?   

We are “Elevenology”, a Milton Keynes based tuition specialist company offering classes at Oxley Park Academy at Shenley Wood.  Between us, the co-owners, we have many years of 11+ experience and we employ only top class teachers to teach our students.

We offer classes from Year 4 through to the 11+ exam in Year 6.  In September 2019, we will be offering the 12+ course.  We have decided to offer this class after being contacted by parents who have decided late in the day that their child wishes to switch to grammar school.  This also gives children who were not successful at the 11+ exam to have another opportunity if they want.

We strongly believe our methods and our ethos sets us apart from other companies.  Our students are taught using the wizTeach (TM) methodology.

What is this methodology?   

wizTeach (TM) is a pioneered concept born from the research of various methods and techniques found in the elite American and English universities, such as Stanford and Cambridge. The methodology aims to teach and monitor the progress of a child’s 11 plus preparation over a period of 24 months. During the child’s preparation, the teachers are equipped with regular performance data that allows them to guide, instil and motivate the child to reach his/her maximum potential.

Our teachers really do go the extra mile to ensure every child understands the lesson, to ensure every child feels valued and to ensure that each child fulfils their potential.  We have never ever given up on a child on our programme, and we are very proud of that.

If you are thinking about choosing a grammar school for your child, then come and talk to us and see what offer.  We are happy to provide assessments for your child and a no obligation chat.  Our tuition fees include all exams, mocks, apps for your child and there are no hidden extras – this is excellent value and our reviews reflect how happy our past students and parents have been.

Here is just one of our testimonials from 2018: 

“I can’t recommend them enough.  They are motivational, inspiring, understanding and knowledgeable.  My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since she started.  Everyone can teach the content of the 11+, but the way in which it is taught is so important and these guys have nailed it. I can’t thank them enough!”  Sabina Dhanji

We believe in preparing your children today for their future tomorrow.

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