When to start brushing my baby’s teeth?

This is what our social media members recommended for taking care of your baby’s teeth:


“As soon as my son got his first tooth.. I gave him a toothbrush to bite and get used to, and I took him to the dentist so he could get used to that too.”


“We started around 9 months – now 15 months and he’s able to hold the brush and put it in his mouth while we sing our toothbrushing song. He doesn’t brush much, just sucks off the paste and then I have to grapple to brush them myself at the end and he gets upset… but I figure he needs them clean and when he’s old enough we’ll start a sticker chart or something to incentivise!!”


“As soon as my daughter cut her first tooth I gave her a tooth brush and once the tooth was fully out I gave her the brush with a small dab of toothpaste. I would sit her on my lap and let her bite down on the toothbrush, then I would put my hand on it also and brush the teeth – I still do this now. I give it to her first, let her bite and chew it, then I hold it with her, brush her teeth then let her have it. She gives it back when she’s done.”


“Start whenever first teeth come through, get nice electric or sonic baby toothbrush, and do it as a family all together in the bathroom at the same time, even just mum and baby together brushing every day. Make it fun, make a habit out of it, every single day.”