What are the best places for breastfeeding privately in MK?

“I’m currently breastfeeding and not confident enough to feed in public, but want to get out and about. Can anyone advise me on the best private places out and about in MK to breastfeed?”


Our social media group members came up with lots of great suggestions:


“John Lewis have nice facilities”


“The loos in MK shopping centre are good , John Lewis or I went back to car . To be far I just use a nice thin neck scarf so baby didn’t get hot and feed my boys where ever I like lol . Everyone else is having their lunch in the city why can’t my baby”


“Hello, at CMK there is a parent and baby room inside INTU by the toilets in the lobby in Oak Court downstairs and next to the first floor toilets upstairs. The one downstairs has cubicles with curtains and it all very private. Debenhams also has facilities”


“Most places have areas, M&S have sofa etc in baby area.”


Other tips and advice on feeding in public


“Do you have something you can use to cover you and baby in public? A few friends of mine had breast feeding cloths they used”


“Well done you. All the places listed are great. Get a nursing bra you can drop down at the front, I used to wear a vest which I pulled under my boob…so as not to show tummy, then lift up a big top… honestly most people can’t tell you are breastfeeding as the babies head covers the boob. I fed 3 babies everywhere….no one ever made any comment about me feeding. – you could always try playgroups first where all the parents/carers will be very sympathetic.”


I use a snood – not the woolen sort, but thin pretty scarf. It hangs round my neck, and is plenty big enough to cover baby entirely and my out boob. Bonus is can wear it all day as it’s normal day scarf ppl wear. But do whatever’s comfortable for you. Maybe practice breastfeeding in private with a snood to gain confidence”


“There is an app called breastfeeding hub MK, in it there are reviews of bf friendly places in mk as well as lots of general bf info and support. Might be helpful for you x”


“There’s a group breastfeeding mum’s in MK… they’re a lovely supportive bunch of mums xx”


“I found John Lewis had a great area to go to, although I fed anywhere I didn’t care  ? I did have a muslin for discretion or my breastfeeding cover which I found gave me confidence. The 2 top method (pull one up, one down (like a vest top under) also helps as not much skin on show that way either x”


“I used to practise at home with people around. I used to sling a muslin over my shoulder and start feeding trying not to break the conversation. Once I was confident doing that I could literally feed anywhere. I also had a nice thin scarf/wrap I used to carry around too for better cover. Good luck x”