When and where should I get my child’s ears pierced?

Getting your child’s ears pierced can be a hot topic on our social media groups. These are some of the responses we’ve had to our members’ questions in the past.


How old?

  • “I personally think it should be up to the child, when they are old enough to make that decision, they are their ears after all, what if they don’t like it when they are older and now they are stuck with holes in their ears?!? I’m not having a go or trying to be rude, just wanted to give you a different perspective to look at before you do it!”
  • “Some cultures do it as soon as baby is born. I had my daughter’s done when she was 2. She has severe sensitive skins but they were fab with her and after care. Haven’t had any problems since. She is now 7.”



  • “I would avoid the places that do them with a gun as I have heard they are more likely to cause problems.”
  • “Guns cause blunt force trauma and are not done by trained piercers. They are not sanitary and the ‘piercing’ done in unsanitary conditions which causes more problems.”
  • “A piercing gun won’t always cause issues, but the risk is higher – there’ll always be people who have had gun piercings without any issues, and you may be lucky, but the chance of a problem is higher than with a needle piercing.”
  • “I had my daughter’s done at 5 months [with a gun] they were fine I also had my 4 year old daughters pierced there this year”


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