Can you recommend nurseries or preschools?

Acorn Early Years Foundation:


*Jubilee Wood, Fishermead*

*Kents Hill*

*New Bradwell*

*Shenley Church End*


Sammy: “My boys go there and get on AMAZING!!!! I’ve never known a nursery like it – so friendly, welcoming!



Ashbourne Day Nurseries:

*Oxley Park*

*Chantry House, Fenny Stratford*

Meagan: “It’s amazing! My daughter’s been at Oxley Park since Sept 17”



Buttons Preschools (ages 2-4):

*Abbeys School*

*Brooklands Farm*


*Giffard Park*

*Newton Leys*

*Stoke Hammond*


Nikki-Louise: My nephew goes to Buttons nursery and they are fantastic”



Alison: “Aristotots, Stantonbury Fields is awesome”


Barleyhurst Park, Melrose: Claire: My daughter is at the Melrose preschool and loves it. My son used to love it there too, and the staff are friendly.”


Baby Bears, Bradwell Abbey:

Susanna: “It’s lovely, the girls are fantastic and it’s at an old converted barn and there are horses outside. The grounds are beautiful”


Bletchley Preschool:

Dawn: “I have 2 of mine here and several people I know send their kids here…Is a good place.”


Busy Bees in Oldbrook:

Jenny: “My daughter went there and my son is there at the moment. He absolutely loves it.”


Nikki: “Chipmonks at Broughton Pavilion. My daughter went there and my youngest starts next week. The ladies there are lovely and really love the children they have. The keep you posted on everything that’s going on and if you have a problem they always do the best they can to help.”


Great Holm Preschool:

Ceri: “Great Holm preschool are amazing”


Katie: “We had good experiences at both The Grove in Loughton and KidsPlay in Knowlhill


Headstart Day Nursery, MK Village:

Alison: “is fab! I miss those days!”


Highfield House, Great Brickhill:

Hazel: “Highly recommend, my granddaughter loves it there, great staff too”


Kiddi Caru, Walnut Tree:

Karen: “My eldest son (now 17) and now my step daughter went/go to Kiddi Caru in Walnut Tree. A few staff members still the same too. Was fabulous then, is still now!”


Rhiannon: “Little Bears in Simpson in lovely, very homely and small. They teach lovely values there and it’s very personable”


Little Chestnuts, Bletchley:

Emily: “I honestly can’t fault them. They also use ILD which is an app where they put photos and updates on his progress which helps me feel more involved.”


Little Oaks: 

Josie: “Both my girls went to little oaks and I would recommend it without hesitation. I am a teacher and loved their approach to everything and their care of my girls was second to none.”


Mini Monsters, Medbourne:

Hayley: “It’s amazing, my daughter loves it. The staff are truly amazing and give you so much support. I wouldn’t change my daughter and if I have any more they will be going there”


Ella: “Mine is still going to MK Prep School on Tattenhoe Lane, it’s brilliant, I highly recommend it, go and visit on open day”


Reema: “We’ve just started at Mulberry Bear based on The Open University campus at Walton Hall, it’s not exclusive to OU staff by any means, we didn’t look around that much as we knew immediately that it was right for us and our daughter ”


Tik Tak Childcare, Willen

Cathy: Tik Tak is worth a visit, even if it’s out of the way for you. It will set a standard to judge others against and you should expect their standard elsewhere.


Phoenix Preschool:

Gabriela: “The lady that runs it, Kathy is brilliant and her husband and daughter are also part of the business, a great set up and great staff!”


Victoria: “Whaddon Under Fives is fabulous”


Woodlands Day Nursery, Downs Barn:

Jodie: “Can honestly say as a parent and manager myself, it’s the best day nursery I’ve experienced and recommend it to every one looking for wrap around care.”